Saturday, May 2, 2009

Introduction - To a Mars Bar

Think Green, Vote Tory
Picture by Annette62 on Flickr

Hail, chocolate covered fondant bar,
Greatest confection near or far,
Above them all you take your place,
Bounty, Snickers, Milky Way.

Wrapper torn, from your body,
Dipped in batter, then you’re ready,
Deep fat fried, until golden,
Cut in two, the centre molten.

Scotland wants no healthy snacks,
Fruit and veg will be sent back,
If you want to be held dear,
Deep fried Mars Bars raise a cheer


Cousins Rob and Hugh live in the land of Burns, where deep fried Mars Bars have replaced Haggis as the local delicacy. Despite the different paths their lives have taken, they are both stuck in a rut of their own making.

Things are about to change though, as Hugh tries to solve his problems, and sees Rob as the answer.

Think Green, Vote Tory
Picture by Werewegian on Flickr

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